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Storage Solutions

ALTEN Calsoft Labs has strong expertise in storage product R&D, testing & sustenance engineering. We have proven track record of working with some of the industry leaders in the areas of Storage Virtualization, File systems, Storage Controllers (on-premise/cloud), Device Drivers and Storage Management software.

How ALTEN Calsoft Labs can help

ALTEN Calsoft Labs' unified storage solutions provide focused services for diverse areas such as software, virtualization, storage drivers, and protocols & file systems. Our offerings include:

  • Distributed Filesystem Development for Cloud Storage Controller (with NFS, CIFS, Samba, ZFS support)
  • High Performance Cloud Storage Gateway Development with support for leading Public Cloud Environments (e.g. AT&T, Amazon, Nirvanix, Limelight, etc.)
  • Benchmarking and Performance Testing (against local NAS) in different Private/ Public cloud deployment scenarios
  • OpenStack Swift-based orchestration for Software-defined Storage
  • OpenStack Cloud-in-a-box solution development with automated provisioning
  • Interoperable Cloud Storage Solution Development based on CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface) standard
  • Storage Management Software Development (Snapshots, Backup & Recovery, etc)
  • Device Driver Development for SCSI, iSCSI, FC, FCoE, etc.
  • Functional & Performance Testing of FC/ FCoE switches

Our storage solutions are schematically represented in the diagram below:


Key Differentiators:

  • One of the very few companies with strong industry knowledge and expertise in Cloud Infrastructure, Network Virtualization (NFV), Storage Virtualization and Software-defined Storage
  • Focused offers to address unique requirements of Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs)
  • Deep expertise in packet processing, multi-core processors, virtualization, cloud orchestration and management frameworks
  • Pioneer in NFV and SDN technologies - engaged in some of the industry's first NFV deployments and SDN controller & application development initiatives