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Big Data Implementation

Driving a Big Data strategy to implementation is a major challenge for enterprises as there exists multiple technologies and complex ecosystems in the Big Data space. ALTEN Calsoft Labs enables enterprises in following areas of Big Data analytics:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Industry specific customization

How ALTEN Calsoft Labs can help:

  • Business Analytics
    • Business KPIs & Metrics Dashboard Development
    • Customer Insight Analysis
    • Customer Sentiment Analysis
    • Business & Customer Trends Analysis
  • Operational Analytics
    • Operations KPIs & Metrics Dashboard Development
    • SLA Dashboard Development
    • Customer Experience & Usage Pattern Dashboard Development
    • Resource Utilization Trend Analysis
  • Social Media Analytics
    • Social Media KPI & Metrics Dashboard development
    • Conversation Data Analysis
    • Advocacy & Threat Analysis
    • Social Media Campaign Dashboard Development