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Big Data Analytics as a Service

Calsoft Labs' Big Data stack helps information rich enterprises to extract meaning out of unstructured content and identify hidden patterns out of it. The analytics provided by the stack helps the enterprises to harness their true business potential for any business domain. Calsoft Labs' 'Analytics as a Service' model enables enterprises to start their Big Data analytics journey without any capital investment as enterprises can opt for a pay per use model.

Features of Calsoft Labs' 'Analytics as a Service' solution:

  • Processes high volume of content in real-time from variety of data sources
  • Automatic classification of content based on the context
  • Delivers content and analysis results in real-time to the configured device
  • Provides intuitive visualization of content and analysis results
  • Highly customizable - allows customers to write domain specific applications
  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure

Benefits of Calsoft Labs' 'Analytics as a Service' solution:

  • One platform to store, analyze, retrieve and visualize your content
  • Extensible - Highly flexible architecture with the freedom to write your own applications
  • Scalable - Scales upto Petabytes of content
  • Allows you to slice and dice the content the way you want and provides key insights
  • Provides a web based console to manage your environment in real-time and from any internet ready device